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About us

At AllianzFood, you can rely on years of experience in the food industry. We are passionate about bringing together producers of high-quality food and those seeking it – whether it’s retail or industrial customers. With a profound understanding of the food industry and a keen eye for quality, we are committed to creating perfect matches that drive growth and success.

We are fascinated by the different flavors, textures, and stories behind our food. Our role as matchmakers is simple yet powerful: we connect those who create food with those who need it, seamlessly aligning the needs of both parties.

Whether you are a producer looking to introduce the world to your beautiful and delicious products or a retailer searching for remarkable products to stock your shelves, we are here for you. With an extensive network of partners and a sharp focus on innovation and pricing, we believe that every match we facilitate not only creates business opportunities but also enriches the world of food experiences.

We welcome you to collaborate with us and explore how we can achieve flavorful successes together. Contact us today, and let’s start optimizing your available production capacity or fostering innovation. The producers we work with are all BRC, IFS or FSCC 22000 certified. AllianzFood ensures the right match, leading to a direct commercial relationship between producer and customer.

Our offer

Single-serve packaging (liquid)

Cups; stick packs and sachets

dressings / cold- and hot sauces / chutneys / soy sauce / mayonnaise and more. Both chilled and ambient.

Single-serve packaging (dry)

Stick packs and sachets

croutons / salad enhancers (such as seed mixes / nut mixes / fruit mixes / pine nuts / toppings) / herbs and spices / peanuts / hazelnut pieces / walnut pieces / almonds / cashews / pumpkin seeds / sesame seeds / sunflower seeds / raisins / rice / pasta / and more.

Consumer packaging

Glass, PET, HDPE, PP, chilled, sterilized or pasteurized

Chili sauce / Ketjap Manis / Ketjap Asin / Soy sauce / Oyster sauce / Fish sauce / Seroendeng / Coconut powder / Ginger syrup / Sambal Oelek -Manis-Badjak-Brandal / Stir-fry sauces / Curries / Coconut oil / Ginger cubes / Crystallized ginger cubes / Sandwich spread / and more.

Why Choose Us


Customers choose our company because we are passionate about timely delivering exceptional service and products that exceed their expectations.


Customers should choose our company because we are dedicated professionals committed to delivering top-notch products and services.


Customers are encouraged to opt for our company due to the outstanding support we provide, ensuring their needs are met at every step.

Contact details

AllianzFood B.V.

 Van Asch van Wijckstraat 55

 3811 LP Amersfoort

 +31 (0)6 51193358

 Chamber of Commerce: 90516273

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